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The purpose of the MSSQLServerAuditor utility is to make the complete audit of the running MS SQL server and provide
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3 March 2014

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When it comes to popular RDBMS products, the MS SQL Server is often cited as the perfect application While it encompasses all the power of a top of the line RDBMS, it is essentially very easy to use. Its relative simplicity has seen its adoption by many small and medium enterprises, more so when the SQL Server Express edition was released in the market. A lot of small companies initially tried out the Express edition and then moved on to the flagship edition. However given the lack of technical expertise or overload of varied data, errors in implementation, data fetching and transactions can occur. In such a scenario one can either take help of a specialist company or try using the MSSQLServerAuditor application.

On launch the MSSQLServer Auditor presents before a neat interface that is quite inline with SQL Server elements. Any database expert can quickly understand its core functioning and use it to gain detailed understanding of the errors afflicting the SQL Server instance. The tool has the capacity to analyze numerous instances of the SQL Server at one go and even find out dependency errors. Once of the best parts about this application is its standalone nature which means that you do not need to have MS Management Studio installed to run it. From detecting issues with your backup files and logs to finding out any errors in stored procedures, this versatile application can give you a full status report on the health of your SQL Server implementation.

Overall we found the MSSQLServerAuditor application quite suitable for fishing out intricate errors that typically avoid the eyes of a DBA. Moreover our experience of using it with SQL Server 2012 came out quite well and hence we rate it with an appreciable score of four stars on account of its overall usability.

Publisher's description

The purpose of the MSSQLServerAuditor utility is to make the complete audit of the running MS SQL server and provide the details analysis about the most important aspects of the MS SQL server. It is expected, that based on the results of the audit, the qualified database administrator may create the recommendations to resolve the issues and problems, found by the utility. The supported versions of MS SQL servers are: 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2014.
The utility running in the read only-mode and check many aspects the MS SQL Server. The utility is designed to run on production system and can be configure to effect on the database system as minimum as it possible. Internally, it is a .Net program, running under MS Windows. Currently 32 and 64-bit Windows (desktop versions 7, 8 and Server platforms MS Windows 2008, 2012) with .Net 4.5.x are supported.
The key features of the MSSQLServerAuditor utility are the followings:
- The application is standalone (no other tools, such as MS Management Studio are required to use the program)
- The audit databases are inspected in a 'read-only mode'. No database objects are created on the inspected MS SQL instance.
- The utility may be connected to many MS SQL instances and generate consolidation reports about many instances on the one page.
- All collected information from the inspected MS SQL instances are stored internally in SQLite database.
- Multitasking application: reports are generated in parallel by many working threads
- To minimize effect on the production MS SQL instance, the number of threads for MS SQL databases queries is limited.
Version 0.6.3
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MSSQLServerAuditor is an easy to use and reliable piece of software developed to work as a means of analyzing the running of Microsoft SQL Servers and providing you with information about their functioning.
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